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Appliance Repair Lafayette

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Appliances Are Complicated But Good Service Is Simple

dryer repiarlafayetteHave you noticed that your kitchen and laundry room appliances have become complex computerized monstrosities?

We have! We are Appliance Repair Lafayette, and in the last couple of decades we have repaired more stoves, fridges, dishwashers and washer/dryers than anyone else in the area. Our experience with all major makes and models of appliances means we get your repair completed quickly and accurately.

There is no guesswork when you call Lafayette Appliance Repair, no trial-and-error repairmen, and no surprises. After all, the chances are good our technicians have worked on your make and model before and that they’ve done the exact same repair many times.

At Lafayette Appliance Repair, we always try to repair your appliance rather than recommend replacement. That’s because we don’t sell appliances, and we don’t want to sell appliances. Our dedicated technicians are natural-born tinkerers who really like to roll up their sleeves, get to the root of your appliance malfunction, and fix it fast.

Many of today’s appliances contain motherboards, Java script and internet connectivity. Gone are the days when a general appliance repairman could drop by with a small toolbox and repair your oven, fridge or washing machine.

Most of our knowledgeable repairmen specialize in one appliance, and many concentrate on one specific brand of that appliance. When you call Lafayette Appliance Repair Services, our seasoned dispatch agents know exactly which technician specializes in your make and model, so you always get the right man for the right job.

Appliance Repair Lafayette CO specializes in YOUR appliance:

*Amana   *Jennair    *Frigidaire   *Tappan   *Maytag   *Caloric   *MagicChef   *Hotpoint   *Kelvinator   *Speed Queen   *Insinkerator   *Whirlpool  *And Many More! 

Don’t wait too late. As soon as you notice your appliance slowing down or getting noisier, have a professional look at it. If you ignore the symptoms of a troubled fridge, stove, dishwasher or dryer, be prepared to spring for a much more expensive repair down the road, if not a whole new appliance.

Your washing machine may appear to be a powerful workhorse that works like a horse, but its circuitry is as delicate as a fine washable, and requires the services of a skilled technician who knows appliance repair as well as electronics.

fridge repair lafayetteTrust the guys at Appliance Repair Lafayette for all of your repair needs, whether it’s your fridge, stove, washer, dryer or other major appliance. Our stellar track record proves we know appliances.

Not all appliance repair services were created equally. Many use the service call as a way of getting their foot in the door to sell you a whole new appliance. Lafayette Appliance Repair is here to fix your appliance quickly, with as little “down” time as possible.


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